arzu, 9
victoria melbourne
i love pilot and huxley so much it's the best ever
Devin Gamache, 11
Redford, Michigan
Pilot and Huxley is my favorite book and my favorite characters
Max, 10
Pilot and Huxley is awsome I can not wait until the T.V show comes
Riley, 10
Pilot and Huxley is the best!
Dominic, 10
Port Maquarie
Best books i've ever READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
bob, 9
Great Britain
such great adventures...
Hayley, 4
Sydney Australia
Dan can you make Pilot and Huxley book 5?
Evelyn, 6
Sydney Australia
Can you please start making Pilot and Huxley book 4?
Leo, 8
Bentleigh East
Lucia RoohiZadegan, 12
Ormond east
LIke P&H are faboulus
Turtles, 0
Why you no make number 4
NIC, 12
Thomas, 11
New Zealand
this story is the best oh i hope theres gonna be another quest they have to go on oh and i have all the books
michael, 11
me and alot of my friends love this book more then eney other book we all read and we read alot of books
cassie, 12
i loved reading the book so do all my friends
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